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Its been months since I've last been on here, it feels weird. I'm still in college and still at my job!

I decided to switch career paths because of the lack of universities I had transportation to. I was going into Business Education in Technology at the time, now I'm going into an English Teacher major and will transfer to USF when I'm finished at the local college.

How is everyone doing lately? Any big changes in your life?

Has anyone had trouble with hotmail and msn lately? I can't seem to access my old accounts and I can't recover the password since I don't have access to my accounts, I had about three. My old computer is taken apart or it would have been easier to recover the lost account information, I'm sure. I don't know what to do, I had a lot of contacts that I don't have access to anymore because they were apart of old forums that are now gone, or either they stopped posting to them years ago. I don't know how to contact MSN support, I would have to talk to a live person.

Anyway, I have to work New Year's eve tomorrow so I will see you people on Friday. I might have to reset up my old computer to access the hard drive. But the system had crashed so I don't know if it would be a good idea. Oh well, I will figure out something.
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