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Hello all, My name is Kevin, from Lakeland Florida, and this is the newest member of our family, Harley Doggison. Don't blame me about the name, I wanted to call him Dante'... :) Harley comes to us as a sort of a rescue. He was adopted by a woman from a roadside stand and she couldn't afford to feed him and her two other dogs, so we took him in. He's 10 weeks old and has a scorching case of worms, which hopefully will be taken care of during his first visit to the vet tomorrow. He's probably not 100%, as he has a small white dot (smaller than a quarter) on the center of his chest. Other than that, he looks like a textbook Lab...

Harley is actually our second Lab. About 12 years ago, we had a yellow Lab named Calvin (Calvin & Hobbes, and VERY aptly named). Unfortunately, we were unprepared for what owning a Lab puppy entails and we had to find him a new home. But since then, even 12 years later, we comment on how much we miss Calvin, and feel much better prepared for the coming hurricane. He's been a great guy so far, except for a couple of piddles on the rug...

In addition to Harley, we have 7 yo twins (boy and girl) to keep him busy and my daughter is just stone in love with him... ;)

Sorry about the crappy pics; these are from my cell phone. I guess the lens was dirty...


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