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Hi from Orchard Park, NY

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Years ago I was quite active in the forum but as the old saying goes"life got in the way" and I wasn't around much.
I have 2 labs, a 9 yr old yellow named Rudy and a 6 yr old black named Cody.
As some of the former lab site members from years ago might remember we did a Labrador calendar and Rudy was the month of March for that year. I met some really wonderful people but over the years lost contact. I see some are still here. Paddysmom and Bob Pr. might remember.
Anyways, Rudy and Cody are the loves of my life as I am sure most Lab owners can say about their labs. But as some Labs are, I have had my share of challenges with each of them.
Chewers they are. Rudy has chewed a whole in the mattress and he loves kleenex, whether out of the box or out of the waste basket, it doesn't matter. Garbage and cat tootsie rolls are one of his favorites too. A baby gate has been put up to keep him out of the litter box.
Cody, well he loves metal, plastic and frozen poopsicles. He has chewed on remotes, digital cameras, and even eye glass frames.
But as it is, life would not be complete if they were not in it.
They are what I tell them all the time, "the bestest boys in the whole wide world"!


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Hello! It sounds like you have quite the pair of labs. :)
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