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I have just registered with the forum and I would just like to say hello to everyone.

I have had labs for the past 14 years and other dogs for very much longer.

I am from England UK and a very keen countrysportsman.

I have recently published my first Novel

The Shrew by Nicholas Gordon

The book is somthing that I have always intended to write and it has taken about three years to write and another year to get through the publishing process.

It is part hidden autobiography, part political statement on the state of the British countryside and other issues; but most of all its about a mans relationship with his dog and the old traditions of the countryside.

Its not easy trying to get recognised as a new author as there is far too much large scale competition from all the big names out there nowadays, it is made worse by my specialist area of writing too.

I have a blog page at http://nicholasgordonbooks.blogspot.com/

Which will tell you alot more about the book and myself.

Ive gone on to long already havent I.

I look forward to chatiing and discussing issues on the forum with you all.


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