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Hi there Trooper. I heard your original Secret Pal was MIA so here we are, hope you don't mind. We'll be getting a package off to you soon but until then we hope you are having a great Spring. What's it like where you live? We live way far away from Maryland. Spring here can be crazy; it might be sunny and warm then cold and wet, sometimes we have thunder and lightening or maybe just wind. Today was a nice day so we went to the off lease dog park to run and play, we had it all to ourselves which was really nice! We'll let you know when the package is mailed so you can watch for the mailman. Until then......Woof.

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Hi SP,

Awww thanks for the message. Did you send us e-mails? We got an e-mail from someone yesterday but it was for Tucker, not Trooper. But, you know we are Trooper, so maybe it wasn't you. I tried to write back but the e-mail said error and wasn't sent. Thanks again for the message. We didn't know our Secret Pal before. Did something happen to Mia?

It's beautiful here. Trooper is having fun in this nice weather. He was just here on the couch near me. He says woof woof and sends licks! That sounds like fun that you had the whole park to yourself at the dogpark. That's awesome. We went the other day and just two doggies were there. Today we went for a walk and Trooper played with his soccer ball.

Thanks again for writing to us.
laura and Trooper
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