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Hey Linda...Bordatella injection

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What exactly was that problem you had with the bordatella injection? I remember it had something to do with eyes, but that's all I remember.

I took Simon in before Christmas to get his. I had just asked for a tech to do it, but for some reason they sent me back to a room with a vet (not my usual vet). ??

It was so weird: When I came in, they said, "Oh, you're here for Bordatella injection, right?"

Me: "No, intranasal. We always get intranasal." (I have been over this many times with my vet).

Front desk: "Oh, OK. He just had written in your chart that he wanted you to get injection."

Me: "No. That's not what we get."

Them: "OK, that's fine, no problem."

So then they paged a tech over the intercom to come up front and give an INTRANASAL Bordatella. The tech comes up and gets me and takes me back to a room, with a vet. I'm thinking strange, but whatever.

So he turns around and gets the Bordatella, turns back around and is just about to stick Simon when I yell, "NO!"


He looked like I slapped him. But he was moving so fast I had to stop him, quick. I explained that we always get intranasal, that a friend of mine had problems with the injection and it makes me nervous. He again repeated that that's what my vet wanted me to have. :confused:

I said, "No. We get the intranasal."

How many times am I going to have to say this?!?!

Anyway, we finally got it and left. The tech was understanding about it, and said that if it wasn't in my comfort zone that was fine, I'm the client, etc. Which was nice.

I was trying to remember exactly what the problem you had was so I could tell them, but all I could remember was eyes and that I had flagged it in my head as a "NO!" :D
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Remington had a reaction to it that affected his eyes. He got uvitis from it, very badly, within 30 minutes after the injection his eyes looked like they were going to spurt blood and then the inside of his eyes all clouded up. Ended up with a canine eye specialist who finally got him cleared up, but it was iffy for awhile. We will NEVER give him bordatella again. And all other vaccines are given with pre-meds first and then my vet watches him for a good 30 minutes before we leave the office.

It was a very rare thing that happened, but he could have lost his eyesight, and he was only around six months old at the time.
I know a couple of dogs who had reactions to the intranasal bordetella and after that were given in the injectable bordetella with no reactions to that one.

*goes off to research reactions* ;)
Justine: Well, there ya go. I guess you just never know. With any individual dog it can be anything, I guess.

Linda, thanks, I remember now. I just remembered that it was very serious for a while and it really freaked me out.
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