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Hey Garth the trolls have found us!!

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and they want you to buy Coreg!!:D:D
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Course we could just hang him.;)
Pst, Sarah, how much does Garth weigh?

Yep, if you don't get it right and drop to little, the client stangles and it takes a long time, 20 minutes or more. To much and off pops the head, really messy for the folks in the front row.:p

(Funny how many things I find in myhistorical research.)

Of course the rope and knot have to be just right and placed just right.
60 kg if you must know. Not that you Yanks would know what a kg is. :rolleyes:
2.2 pounds, means you can get 35 1 oz bags and have some to sample.:rolleyes:

(Be careful, I ain't always been the clean cut up-santing citizen I am today.):D
Hey buddy don't forget I work with Kg's everyday!:p
Yeah, we're bi-lingual.:D

Besides that, I know what a road train is.:D
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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