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Hey Garth the trolls have found us!!

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and they want you to buy Coreg!!:D:D
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So are you back now Garth? no more puter issues?
No thank god. 'Bout bloody time too. :mad:
hehe ... and I was JUST getting used to the quiet around here...
Well ... I do miss hanging crap on you lol.
Course we could just hang him.;)
LOL - but I thinking hanging crap is more fun.
Haha.. you can't do Christmas cards no more cause Christmas is too far away :p
No idea but I didn't know that existed!!! Looks like a 203cm rope would do it for me... if I ever needed to figure it out lol!
I reckon I could help Glenn find you .. but I don't know if i'd be fast enough to catch you.
1 - 7 of 24 Posts
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