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Hey Dad ... Much Better, Thanks

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I can swim and run much better when you put my vest on correctly.

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But I always wonder why we drive all the way to that other place and back to hunt when we have all this available right here 25 yards from the garage?

Those pics were take right after we got home this morning. The larger of the two Canada Geese has a crippled right leg. Looks like a broken ankle. We think it's the same pair that have stayed here with us for the past 4 years, usually arriving in February and leaving in July. Nature has a way of providing for injured animals. I suspect this old goose will be fairly well recovered in the next several weeks.
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COOL! I just read the post. I really started laughing. :D and I didn't see the part where you had put his vest on in the dark. Sorry, but it was funny anyway!

Keep up the awesome hunting!
Great pics Jim - that goose seems like it's enormous
You might want to wash your truck ??
....and your face ;).

Great pics!

Hope the sweet goose's leg will heal just fine.
Great photos!

Love how your Jeep is covered in mud...thats how it is supposed to look! :)
NOOOOOOO ... Don'tcha know ... it's the muddy Jeep and camo blackened face that attracts the big Honkers? (This morning's) >>>>>>>

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