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On our kids knowing their grandparents... :-\

I mentioned my dad the other day to Alexa. She said *very surprised*, YOU HAVE A DAD?"
"Yes, I have a dad. My dad is Fishing PaPa."
Alexa exclaimed, "HEY! I know that guy."


It's funny when kids realize who thier family is. My neice asked me, if "Nanny" was my mom, I said yes and she said well how come you don't call her nanny? I said because I call her mom, she sid she never heard me call her that (I call her nanny in front of the grandkids, out of habbit I guess.) and asked how come I don't call her by her name, Ann, I said cause she's my mom. I told her that me and her mom(Sandra) and aunt Mel and Uncle Brad are all Nanny's kids. We all call her mom, just like you call Sandra mom, She said Oh. I guess that was enough info for her for the day cause she just walked away with a puzzled look on her face. lol

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