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Hey Betsy

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Tell Terry that I said to do well over the weekend! I want to hear about a new title!!!! Will miss you two though. Wish we were going to the same place.
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Susan - I just posted a quick recap of yesterday - Shamrock looked really good and was doing so well and then he missed the 1st go-out because he stopped right next to the jump. I asked Terry if he thought he had rushed a little bit and he said maybe - its funny - I was thinking - take a deep breath before you start the go-outs - guess my thoughts didn't reach Terry fast enough. Two Utility B people told Terry he didn't give the go-out signal that he usually does. I didn't see that but maybe.
We got the Butler info - there are only 5 Utility A dogs on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. Utility A is at 8am both days and then there's a C match after Rally is over. I entered Doro for an RAE leg on Saturday but that won't start until after 1pm so maybe we'll go back to the hotel after Util A. We'll have 4 hours to kill between Utility A and Rally. I made reservations for us at a Days Inn in Butler - hope it will be OK. This will be our 1st time traveling with our dogs and I am trying to think of everything I will need. It will be harder on Doro who is more sensitive to changes in his routine than Shamrock.
I too wish we were going to the same shows - its always more fun when you have someone with whom to share both the joy and the pain.
Terry did decide to do Akron All Breed May 12 & 13 and after that Toledo June 2 & 3 and Canton Stark County Fairgrounds June 9 & 10th. I see that the Agathon KC show that was usually part of the Canton 3 day show has been moved to November so Canton is only June 9 & 10th. After that - don't know because Terry won't show outside.
Best of luck in Columbus - I just have a feeling its time for a couple of green ribbons for Caleb.
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Cause I'm vending at the Ravenna show, I'm showing only Sunday at Akron. From what I hear Toledo is not a good spot to show Caleb at yet. Utility is very open and people walk right by the ring the whole time and there is quite a bit of traffic. So, I'll by-pass that one. We're going to Wisconsin to the Winnebago Specialty--his breeder's club. Then the Black Diamond Cluster in Waynesburg, PA. After that we'll be heading to Canada to try for Caleb's Canadian CDX. I might try to show Caleb outdoors. Lew got the potty area fenced in this past weekend so I can work Caleb out there. Did some yesterday and I was actually surprised at how well he did!
Susan - Sounds like you have a busy schedule planned too. We've shown in Toledo twice. First time Terry just wanted a warm up in the Open ring because it had been such awhile since he had shown Shamrock and wouldn't you know he Q'd and finished his title. There are no title ribbons so its kind of a bummer but I'll bet if Terry hasn't finished by then - he'll gladly take the Q and the UD - ribbons or no ribbons. It is kind of an open building and there is quite a bit of traffic. Depends on which ring Utility is in how much traffic will be walking by but I understand what you are saying. No reason to throw money away if it isn't a good venue for Caleb. I'm going to show Doro for a couple of RAE legs since we're going anyway.
Terry won't show outside because he is concerned about having to run on uneven ground. He does not want to take the chance of falling. I showed Doro at the Polo Fields in Chagrin last August and it was OK except it poured rain on Sunday and so everyone was drenched. Rally was busy but there were not many Obedience competitors in Open and Utility so it might be worth a try. Memorial Day weekend there is a show that's Butler KC and some other club - Obedience is only Saturday but its outside so no go for us.

I am sure this is Caleb's weekend - I know you Will do well. B
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Well, see if it is his weekend. Would be nice! Worked him out in the potty area today and he did pretty well. Did walk in once on signals and go outs but got a lot of work in.
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