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I was walking with my dd up our street and lo and behold.....Jill, the JRT, and Midnight, Boxer/Lab, were running down our street :mad:
We had to be someplace, so I thought we would bring the dogs back. Jill was running farther down our street, but Midnight was hanging around Cammy. This gal, who I haven't seen before, comes up to us to get Midnight. I guess she has just moved in about a week ago.
I STERNLY told her to leash these dogs before they run over by a car. She said that the other gal told her to just let them because they would stick around. I told her it has been THREE times in about 2 weeks I've had to bring her dogs back, and she had better put them on a leash with an I.D. tag.
We were headed back to our house in order to take the car because we couldn't be late and we saw Jill. I ended up calling A.C. and telling the history of her and her owners. I brought her to the pound and hopefully these owners WON'T pick her up and she'll be adopted by someone else. I hope "hitting them in the pocket book" will get them to think twice. We have very stiff penalties (jail time) for people who have more than one offense.
I won't ever understand why people like these even have dogs..... :mad: ::)
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