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Hi everyone, I have a 12 week old chocolate lab named Luna who absolutely could not hate walking more atm. She sits on her but when I put the leash on and the only way to get her to move forward a few paces is by putting treats down. It's been a couple of weeks or so and she only really gets into walking on the leash half way through the walk when she knows it's almost home time and often leads the way! I have her on a harness which is pretty flimsy I'll admit so I'm looking to get a new one, and to get her going and show her who's boss, I have been pulling her along at times to get her to move, otherwise I am standing there for half an hour or constantly throwing treats and I don't want to overfeed her. the only time she shows interest is when there are other dogs so I try to take her to dog parks, but she still has trouble with the walking part.

Is this just a matter of perseverance or is there anything I am doing wrong? should I not force her to move along and just use treats? I am getting a little worried she will continue in this way and not to learn a lot. 12 weeks is still early days though, I'm sure she will learn but just thought I would see if anyone had any advice :)


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