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Normally, Puff has just one poop at a time.

However, occasionally after making a poop, she'll hunch up to assume her traditional go-potty position, and make a second one.

This one is always softer (usually mashed potato consistency) than the first one was.

I've always put this down to having less time in the factory.

One other thing to consider is whether you're over-feeding.

Puppies need about 2X the amount an adult dog of the same weight would need to eat.

As they mature, they eat more but the multiplier gradually declines also.

Puff, 6 lbs. at 9 weeks age, ate less than 1 cup/day (÷ into 3 meals).

By 7-8 months age and 45-50 lbs, she was eating 5 cups a day (÷ into 2 meals)

Then she skipped eating for a day or two and when she resumed she ate less so I offered the lesser amount she would eat.

This repeated 3 or 4 or more times until, eventually, we settled on her present adult ration of 1 cup 2X day.

BUT Puff is one of the rare self-limiting Labs in consuming food. (According to a poll of about 70 JL owners I did about 4 or so years ago, only 10% of their Labs self-limit their food consumption. About 90% have to do that for their Labs.)

Runny or very soft stools are common indicators of over-feeding.

Your pup is about Puff's age when she began to go on her "hunger strikes".

Maybe something to consider if your Lab pup is one of the 90% that will eat however much they can and still act hungry?

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