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Can anybody offer some training suggestions here?

First..there are no handling classes within hours of here so that isn't a possibility at the moment.

Ben just turned one and he's been to 5 shows and every show has had the same problem, despite trying to work on it at home. He gaits well and is generally well behaved when just standing in line but when the judge starts to come up to him...he erupts! He is just SO.....friendly he just dances, wiggles, jumps and he's very difficult to exam.

I just don't know how to break this lesson into pieces so we can practice. I have used other people to come up to him for examination but I get the same reaction the first time and after he knows them he's fine. I have only a limited number of people that come to the house. I occassionally walk him downtown but his initial reaction to meeting someone new is so exuberant I can't reinforce that with praise so I generally end up with nothing to reinforce.

Any ideas?
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