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Hello my JL friends!!!

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I miss all of you...I haven't been around since I have been in and out of town so much and now studying both for final exams and the big USMLE step I I am taking in June! I promise I will try to check in more often over the next couple of weeks, but things are just going to get even more busy.

Here is a little somethin' to bring you up to speed"

1) Still no word on Shane's jeep....it is probably in Mexico. We are battling our apartment complex because they refuse to even acknowledge that the tenants here are having safety issues despite the multiple robberies and attempted break ins, including one yesterday where my neighbor was home! Oh yeah, not to mention a shotting right across the street from us lastnight. ::) I have drawn up a petition, and had most everyone sign it demanding some sort of action be taken to ensure our safety. I will keep you posted.

2) The painting in the new house is great! I can't wait until I am up there and can take some pictures to show you guys the before and after, but that won't be until June. I promise I will do it then though!

3) I died my hair back to its natural color. Got sick of the high maintenance coloring, and figured it would be easier when I am on rotations. You will have to let me know how it looks!

4) Bali is almost completely healed after the big snip - snip. He is as exuberant as ever!

5)I went to see one of my favorite bands play in L.A. last week (Muse) while visiting my dental student friend. We were nerdy and went into his clinic where he took dental x-rays of me and discovered that I have a cavity. So he is flying me out to be one of his licensing exam patients this summer! :)

I guess that is it for now...just tons and tons of endless studying besides all of that! I really have missed all of you, and wonder how you have all been. I have popped in a couple of times to check on things, but just have NO TIME!!! Crazy! I will try to drop in more often, but for the most part you will not see much of me until after the boards. Hope all is well!
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Hi Cadey <waving>. Glad you checked in. Sounds like life is busy. Good luck in your upcoming exams.
Hi Cadey! Good luck with your exams, and with that filling. :)
Hi, your hair looks great. (any color)

Keep checking back. There's always lots going on here. Good luck on all your exams. Keep smiling!
There you are Cadey!

I love the colour, its hawt! I can't wait to see pics of the new house!!

Good luck with your boards, we need a doctor in the house!!!
Hey Cadey! Glad you stopped in! Good luck with the boards.
Hi Cadey!!!! *waves*

Love the hair :D

...I'm assuming you have regained your vision after your encounter with my myspace :p lol
Hi Cadey.
Love the new hair color! You look so purty.

Thanks for the updates.
Hi Cadey. Your hair looks great. Good luck on your exams. :)
Cadey, your hair looks great! Such a pretty Dr.! :)
Thanks for checking in, and I'm glad to hear Bali is bouncing back!
Hi Cadey!

Glad to hear all is well (with the exception of Shane's Jeep).

Have you considered going to law enforcement about your complex and complaining that management isn't doing anything?

Love the hair! Of course you're one of those adorable people who could have green hair and still be adorable. :)
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Your hair looks great, it is so shiny! Sounds like everything is going well (Jeep excluded :( ) You must be so excited to move.
Good Luck on your exams. I'll be waiting w/ some red wine and ABBA Karaoke for when you are done.
Hi Cadey. Love the Hair !!!!! Good luck on your exams and keep us posted when you can.
Good to see you! Sounds like things are going well! I was wondering if you were out here for Muse, I knew the concert was last week and you had mentioned a while ago that you were going. Bummer about the cavity, but that's neat your friend can fix it!
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