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He was surprised!!

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Had hubby's surprise Bday party this weekend...and he was surprised!! We walked into the restaurant and I could see everyone at a large table at the back (we had over 20 people). I'm walking in front of Pete and he's getting confused as to why the waiter is bringing us to the back of the restaurant...clearly its packed and there is no place for us to sit. And then he saw his friend Dan...sitting next to Wray...and his parents...and my dad..."Surprise!" It was awesome! He was in shock for a good 10 minutes before he finally turned to me and said "You sneak!". :D

The meal was great. They made him wear this obnoxious bday cake hat. And the cake was perfect. "Older than Dirt". Yeah...I'm in trouble.

And then everyone came back to the house. Pete was saying "we don't have anything back at the house for all these people..." and I informed him that I had chips in the trunk of my car and our friend brought a couple of cases of beer. We were prepared! Everyone stayed late and I think all had a good time.

I'm so happy!
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I'm glad he was surprised and didn't figure it out!
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