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Has anyone ever done the Imax movie?

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I was thinking of taking the kids to see Monsters vs Aliens and they have it at the Imax. I thought maybe it would be cool until I looked at prices. 12.50 per kid that would be x 4 and then 15.50 per adult, that would be x2. YIKES!!! That's $81 before popcorn. Holy Shitake Mushrooms!! So I was wondering, is it worth it? Is the Imax 3D really that awesome?
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Imax 3D IS really awesome.

The reviews I've read on the movie however.....

Yeh, but it's really best to go if there is a "earth" type movie or some kind of movie where you really get the affect. I saw a regular movie on IMAX and was not that impressed. It just felt like I was sitting too close to the screen. Now when that new disney thing, Earth, or whatever it is comes out; that would be cool at IMAX.
What Sandy said. I saw a documentary on the space shuttle in IMAX. It was awesome.
whoa we saw a roller coaster movie once ......to real!
What Sandy said. For an animated movie - NOT worth the price.
I never been to an Imax but I do wanna see the movie.
Almost as amazing as the visuals are is the SOUND.

OMG, those speakers are as big as a refrigerator, and they're EVERYWHERE!!!

Saw Fantasia 2000 at an IMAX in NYC and was just blown away. Stravinsky's "Firebird" (the finale to the movie) was one of the best moviegoing experiences of my life.
agree with sandy also.
Okies!! Thanks guys I knew I could count on you all for sound advice. We'll skip the Imax and save it for a good documentary. We'll still see the movie but just in regular form.
I LOVE IMAX! We dont have one where I live, but I make sure to visit one whenever I travel. But thats just paying for myself. If I had to bring all of my kids, unless it was something REALLY spectacular, theyd have to see it on the regular screen.

Is this movie going to be in 3D on the regular screen too?
I agree not the kind of movie to waste that much money on IMAX. I have seen several movies on IMAX I think my favorite was rafting down the Grand Canyon.
We saw some NASCAR movie at the IMAX. You might be a ******* if...

It was very cool. But we haven't seen anything else there. It is cost prohibitive for people as cheap as we are! :D

(Del, I don't need you to give me the definition of a *******, thank you. ;))
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