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Has anyone done WW online with success?

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I am pondering joining. I need to shed a few pounds, or more! LOL.

I did WW back before I had Cameron with great success. But I just don't see myself shelling out $68 a month to attend meetings. It's quite a bit cheaper to do the online version, but I'm not sure??

Any experiences??

TIA> :)
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In the past I bought a WW calculator/kit for the points stuff and just did it by myself. I got it from ebay. No checking in with anyone or anything like that. Hmmm......I really should dig that back out and get started again!
yes, i lost 25 lbs. 2 years ago with the online program. once you get your points per day managed, buy their calculator and you can pretty much keep yourself going even without the online. the best thing is just tracking your points and what you eat. you have to log your weight every week; just like weighing in at meetings but yeh...i am not the meeting person, either.
i need to do it again as i stopped counting and stopped caring and you know where that got me!:rolleyes:
I guess it depends on how determined you are and your personality. I worked harder to lose the weight when I had a live person to step in front of and get on a scale.
Didn't work for me. There was no accountability.
Have you tried sparkpeople.com? I liked it better than WW online, and it was completely free!
I lost alot of weight with an online weight loss tracker and food log awhile ago but I am finding at the moment it's just not working for me. So I am seeing a Personal Trainer once a week and there is alot more accountability there now and I think it's a better option for me at this point in time :)
Yes I lost over 100lbs doing WW online.
Its been several years and in the past couple, mostly due to stress I've gained 35lb back. But this year I am starting it out by going back to doing WW.
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