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I cannot believe it, but it has been a year (tomorrow, 28 March) since Barney became part of my little pack here. I thought I'd share some things I like most about him:

1. Enthusiasm
2. Enthusiasm
3. Enthusiasm

Did I mention he is enthusisastc? HAHA. From the minute I picked him up at the airport he knew he was home. I did the same thing with him I did with Tal. I sent his foster mom with the Kentucky Lab Rescue a worn t-shirt of mine so when I reached for him he knew my smell!

I'll also never forget the lady at the ticket counter was so nice..when she saw him she asked if she could hold him. OF course! And let's not forget Tal's little pouting spell in the 2 hour drive home. But that started to subside about 10 minutes away from home, then watching them get acquainted in their yard. How Midnight (my cat) would hiss at Barney letting him know her boundaries!

My mother used to say she could never remember not having me. With these three, now I know what she meant!

Happy gotcha day, Barney! God has blessed us all with your presence in our lives! We will have to wait a few days to go pick out some new toys though. We have a blizzard here today through tonight! And to think a year ago I was worried because I thought it would be too hot in my Jeep. lol
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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