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May Shutdown at work begins on Wednesday, so I'll be off for 6 days. The weather is supposed to be SUPERB!!!! :) :)

I can finish up my gardens....finally finish New Moon....get laundry caught up....hang out with the dogs and give them extra long walks.....make homemade sauce and soup for the freezer.....I'm so excited!! :D
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HA HA! I love the Snoopy Dance!! :D
What about the Cash flow?
What do you mean? I'm getting paid for it via forced vacation days. That's fine with me, I have 29 days this year.
Please report back at the end of your time off as to how much of this really got done and how many times you got to the end of the day, wondered where it had gone, and vowed to do more of the list tomorrow.
That's what I'm afraid of. :eek:
Wait till they make you take all 29 days, forced. Not at the time you would like to go but at their shut down times.
That was the original plan actually!! We're supposed to be shutdown one week per month, except June and October. We have to take vacation days during the shutdown, but they were "nice" enough to center the weeks around a holiday if possible (Memorial Day Monday). It would total 28 days, and most people don't have that many so we would end up with unpaid towards the end. BUT!!!!!!! They just announced we're sticking with the May shutdown and again in July, but that's it then until December. :) Our business has picked up tremendously in recent weeks.

Sue, sounds good! I still have your cell phone number. Are you off any days?
OK, maybe you can swing by one day after work and they can play in the backyard. Depends though.....if I stick to what I want to do, I won't have time. LOL
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