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May Shutdown at work begins on Wednesday, so I'll be off for 6 days. The weather is supposed to be SUPERB!!!! :) :)

I can finish up my gardens....finally finish New Moon....get laundry caught up....hang out with the dogs and give them extra long walks.....make homemade sauce and soup for the freezer.....I'm so excited!! :D
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Cool beans, Amy! Hey, if you, I'll bring Caleb to work and we can hook up one afternoon (or more). I think I gave you my cell number. If not, I'll PM it to you.
...Are you off any days?
LOL Do you want the answer I give Ed when he asks if I need help? LOL Seriously, tho- I'm only off on Monday. The plan is to be in DC then. BUT- I'm done work at 1:30.
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