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So Allie had a birthday yesterday, yep she turned 3 years old :( Where did my baby girl who weighed 13lbs go? ??? LOL
Anyway, she had a blast and got to enjoy a homemade cake as well. Hope you enjoy a few pics of her celebrating.

Waiting patiently

Licking lips in signs of starvation

Can I eat it now? (Oh and yeah.. she acted SCARED of the cake ::) If I cut a slice, she ate it without hesitation, the whole cake,she'd lick the top off a lil' then shy away, silly goose!)

Icing's always the best part....... right?!

All Gone

No Sillies, that was just my slice, now I'm back to the entire cake!

Just dressing up a lil' festive

Another Birthday outfit ;)

Birthday Princess being goofy

A card her Uncle gave her, the dog on the front looked alot like her, and yes she tried to open her own card (the envelope is a lil' torn ;) )

I'm feelin free , now that I'm three ( A ball from her uncle)

Still running, one of her faves, a supersized tennisball ( That her aunt gave her..can you tell she's SPOILED?!)

Then a refreshing Birthday swim to finish off the perfect day of cake,balls, and swimming!

Thanks so much everyone for looking at my beautiful birthday girly!

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