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Happy 2nd birthday Jakey!!!

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You were a cute little bugger, even at 1 day old

At 2 weeks, a day after your grandma Stevie died, an orb appeared in your picture. Many thought it was Stevie giving her approval of you.

You were so damned cute, how could I deny your staying?

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Jakey Blankie Pic!! You can't have a Jakey tribute birthday montage without him with his blanket!
Happy Birthday, Jakey. What an absolutely handsome boy he is! :D

It's hard to believe you're 2 already.
Laura he is such a handsome boy. Happy Birthday Jakey.
Happy Birthday Jake you handsome fellow!!!!!
He's still got that look on his face that he had when he was a pup! Happy Birthday, handsome Jakey!!! :)
Happy birthday Jakey , you beat Homer by just one day! he will be 2 tomorrow!
Happy Birfday!
I can't believe that Jake is two already. He sure is a handsome fellow.
Happy (belated) Birthday, Jakey! What a gorgeous guy he is.
41 - 54 of 54 Posts
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