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hahahahha...........Sassy gots into trwubble, she dug ups a fews
ofs mommy toolups. she's not bery happy wifs Sassy. Daddy yelled
ats her. Ha Ha Ha Ha :p

otay I's feels betters now!
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Emma here

I likes when the kittees gets into twuble. Dey are bery funny.
Hahahahaha Mugs! Dis is like when Katie came to da door wif one ob mommys plants dis winner. An da grown was froze so mommy hadta stick it bak inna flar pot an it idnt bloomin now an mommy tinks its ded an shes unhappys an she duddnt eben no what plant it was caws she says wif alla runnin anna pwayin inna yard dis year it looks like LOTS ob her perty plants bit da dust. :'(
Ruh-roh! Sassy bedder watch out!

Yore fren,
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