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guess who is gonna get a hiney whoopin!

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Cricket!!!! She soooooooo deserves it! :D

"I am gonna getcha you little punk!"

the attack.....

the takedown....

the destuffing....say it, SAY IT...say uncle you little dirt goblin"
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That actually made me LOL at my desk....
and now everyone is looking at me.
BTW...those are from today...that is how much stinkin snow we have...I NEED SPRING!! NOW!!!
LMAO! That is too cute! Loved the captions!! ;D
Very cute! It's great how they play so well together.
I love the pics of them playing in the snow! Perfect captions too. :)
I love the pictures. :D
Great series of pics!
When I saw the 2nd pic, I thought: :eek: :eek: oh no!! Cricket will be trampled for sure.

Awesome pics!!! ;D
I love Crickets little black feetie pads! :-*
oh those are great pics!
Haahaa ;D
Funny pics! :laugh: Cricket better learn how to run faster! ;D
:D :D :D

Dirt goblin! I like it! ;D
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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