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I got the official offer from the company in MD! ;D ;D

I am taking the job. Let my boss know and stuff.
New place wants me to start on the 30th. I need to still work out my last day of work here.

AHH AND! I have to find a place to live in MD !!! It's going to BE CRAZY for the next few weeks!

But I am sooo excited about it ;D

Thank you all who wished me luck ;D
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Congratulations!!!! How exciting! New job-new state...woohoo!!!!
Congrats! Good luck with all the arrangements!
New York loses another fine upstanding citizen. :'( Congrats! I hope the transition is smooth and hassle free.
That's great! I'm happy for you. :)
That's Awesome!! Congratulations!!! Good luck finding a place to live and the move.
Congratulations! :D Which area of the State will you be looking in ... D.C., Baltimore, or Shore?
Congratulations!!! {Big applause} Good Luck with the move!
Congratulations! Where in MD will you be moving to?
YAY Congrats to you!
Congrats!! Where in MD will you be living?
Thanks guys!!!

It will be in the Aberdeen area.

I will miss NY :'( Atleast I will have a very good excuse to keep visiting it though ;D
Congratulations! That is very exciting!
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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