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Grey's/PP..lets talk (may be spoilers)

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1) I wanted to slap Archer!!!

2) WTF was up with Derek?! I totally shut down and was freaking out!

3) Charlotte cracks me up! I love how well the actress plays her though...those scenes where she cries get me every time.

4) Del is awesome

5) Poor Addison and Naomi :(
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omg.. the fight!! I freakin' love Grey's these past few episodes!!!

I felt so bad for Derek.. he really liked her.. like the way you like someone you barely know but you just know they're good people.. he liked Jenn.. he wanted to tell her he proposed to Mer.. ack!
Exxxactly. The past few episodes I refused to even go pee in fear of missing something.. LOL.

And tonight Abbey wanted to go potty and I made her wait 10 minutes until PP was over.. I'm a bad mommy ;)

Archer = a$$hole.

That fight freaked me out.. I thought someone was going to go over the edge and die. :eek: (There's the face for ya, Stacey! :D)
Kelli, that fight was awesome!!! I literally stared at my TV and was like "OMG! *pause* oh.my.god! *more pausing* AHHH"

I could not be removed from my TV tonight, I didn't want to miss anything.

Does anyone else love Charlotte or an I an odd ball? She drives my mom insane.
I've really enjoyed GA lately. Much better than last season. I don't watch Private Practice. I did watch it last week, when it mostly took place in Seattle, but I don't need another show to watch.

So when is Izzy going to tell the others that she's sick?
I agree. I was getting a little bored with Grey's - and I'm a long time fan. But the past few weeks have been fantastic!
I was on the edge of my seat during the "Put down the scalpel!", "No, YOU put down the scalpel!" scene. Last night was emotionally draining.

And I love Callie's storyline now, it's so cute.
oooooo T that was probably my favorite scene!!!

When the chief came in and Addison was staring at him, and Derek's eyes were locked on her...holy crap!!

Oh and Meredith she was all "Derek, look at me..." and he was too busy staring at Addison.
I hate Charlotte. I also hate Violet, and Naomi. I'd like to throat punch all three of those bitches.

The fight scene in GA last night was awesome - and I liked Hunt at the end telling Christina she missed the point about his 40 years statement. I also liked McSteamy sitting on the table all vulnerable looking when Little Grey walked in - so cute.
Ooooo Violet she gets under my skin!!! Last night I was yelling at her to grow up, she's a big girl she doesn't need Cooper to live with her so he can bring her food all the time and cuddle on the couch with her.

Speaking of Cooper, I loved at the end when he told Charlotte that she was his and that she needed to dig deep. I can't explain why, but I enjoy their relationship. I think it has something to do with the fact that Charlotte has built these walls around herself, but she's willing to let Cooper in...I see her making progress and I guess that's why I like her, she's got a lot of depth.
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