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Ace (AceFace! LOL) met my gang on Sunday, Jared and Megan came over for lunch. Well, him and Tucker had already met, but this was the first for Frankie and Macy. I was worried about Macy, thought she would think he was a fox or something! :D
They got along famously!! Ace was allllllllll about Frankie though. Followed him around the whole time, pawed at him, licked him, he loved him! MaceFace trailed them, barking "Play with me! Play with me!" the whole time. Silly girl.

Look at Frankie's face! Cracks me up!

The gang. You can see Ace looking at Frankie, and Mace looking at Ace :

Pay no attention to Frankie taking a pee in the corner *whistles innocently* :
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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