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Got this in a email and wanted to share with you guys

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maybe someone that can help this little guy out.

My daughter Meagan has moved to another condo, and she cannot have
dogs there, so we

Are trying to find a good home for Gator. She has had him in another apt,
inside all the time, so we were hoping to find

A home for him- with someone who has a fenced in yard too. That way he
could go outside too,

As he loves it outside.

He is a Black Lab, about 4 ½-5 yrs old, and he is Kennel trained. He is
very well behaved, and is

A really fun dog to be around. He will not tear up your home, or anything,
and he is good if you have to

Leave & go to work, as I have been leaving him inside my house, and he is
fine. He has never

Used the bathroom in the house either, or at her apt either. I think that
comes from being Kennel

Trained. We just got his shots about 2 months ago, and he was checked for
heartworms too, so he

Is all set to go., and he has been fixed too. When they took him to the
Petsmart to get his shots,

Everyone that worked there loved him…. He was really good. But he is also a
good watch-dog for


And John has been bathing him, and he likes to get a bath too!!

He weighs around 75-80 lbs I think.

Let me know if you know someone who wants a good doggie…. He is really well
behaved, and sweet

And believe it or not, he does not chase my cats. He just looks at them.
And goes on to the yard.

And I think he would get along good with kids….. he is just a Big Baby

So just let me know, and if you know of someone,

Thanks, Tara, and let me know.

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I wouldn't post their phone numbers.. ask people to PM you if they are interested
Ender's Mom said:
I wouldn't post their phone numbers.. ask people to PM you if they are interested
I took them off I didnt think about that.
NP.. did you tell them to start looking for a labby rescue in their area?
I hope Gator(btw: I love that name) finds a good home!!! ;)
Yes hope Gator gets a great home soon.
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