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Got sent this email regarding the Kong...

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Many of us give our dogs toys with food inside of them. It's a great way to keep a dog occupied and stimulated when we cannot be with them. And I once thought it was a PITA that Kongs have holes in both ends. Makes it hard to fill a with pumpkin or something else that's not firm, right?

But, of course, those two holes are there for a reason, and we should never stuff a toy with only one hole.

Today a woman I know had to put down her 12 year old, much loved Pit Bull because of a food-filled toy with only one hole. The dog's tongue became stuck in the toy due to suction. But the time the owner got home, the dog's tongue was so swollen that creating another hole was not enough. The toy had to be cut off at a Pet ER.

The swelling went down, but necrosis set in. Lots of it. Amputating the tongue of an elderly dog was not a humane option.

Please tell other dog owners you know about this. Such a tragedy.
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