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Puff and I had an appointment at 10:30 this morning for an examination to get her "Certificate of Veterinary Inspection Companion Animal" for our trip to Vermont next week. Since we had the appointment, I decided to also take in her stool from this morning's poop to be tested.

And, while we were there, to also have her tested for Heartworms since I give her Interceptor only once every 45 days.

During the exam, our vet discovered a small lump/lipoma (6x6x9 mm) on Puff's right flank near her back leg which I was unaware of -- she asked if I wanted her to aspirate it and examine the cells or for me to just monitor it? I chose aspiration and the cells were the typical fatty cells of a lipoma. That reminded me I'd felt a small lump just to the rear of Puff's right ear. Our vet said she'd missed it, looked, measured (2 mm across) and again asked if I wanted it aspirated -- yes, again. The cells looked infected so she recommended warm moist application several times a day plus antibiotic ointment. [When I paid our bill, there was one charge for aspiration (cytology) but not for the second -- I suspect as her apology for missing it.]

Oh, also they asked if I wanted them to do Puff's nails and I said yes, but warned them that it takes 3 people to do the job -- they said they had them. Nail trimming is complementary -- no charge!

They were with Puff or me for about 90 minutes.

The bill:


Exam Pet Health Center______________________1.00_______38.00

Health Cert SA Nat'l_________________________1.00________14.00

Cytology In House Lv 1_______________________1.00_______15.00

Heartworm Test (AG) In Hse___________________1.00_______23.00

Fecal Flotation Ridley_________________________1.00_______15.75

Nails Trimmed_______________________________1.00________N/C


Our vet also noted that Puff has mild tartar and a cracked tooth that should be repaired and so we'll go back in for those after our Vermont trip.

Puff weighs 66 lbs. which explains why she's sometimes been skipping her supper or waiting 4 hours after it's served before eating it. So I'll help her shed 3 lbs. by slightly cutting back on the amount of food served each meal.


About half of the Vet schools/colleges in the US allow owners to self-refer their pets for vet services. Most of the remainder only accept patients with a referral from the pet's vet.

Treatment is never done by students, always and only by a licensed vet. Typically, 4th year students meet us, record the presenting symptoms, current diet. and take vital signs (TPR). They summon the vet, and she/he corroborates everything and takes the vitals again.

We use KSU's CVMTH because we get better treatment, often at a lower cost than locally, and it's only an hour away -- mainly Interstate highway.

This link gives a list of vet schls/colls in the US and Canada:


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