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Good News
Urine sample was good except for the density. They did not send the urine out for sensitivity.

Bloodwork was all within normal except thyroid which was at .9 just borderline low. It had been .4 six months ago.

The Bad News
Nothing points to any underlying cause.

Baby(we think) had another accident in the house during the night last night.
She did not eat much of her breakfast this morning.

So this is what we know so far:
Bloodwork except for thyroid within normal range
Thyroid level is .9 up from .4but still borderline low
Excessive panting
Eye discharge (white) from right eye only
Hair loss between the eyes only
Dilute, but yellow urine
Weight loss of 5 pounds over five weeks. eats sometimes, sometimes not. Does not miss a peanutbutter cracker, chicken broth or chicken stock.

Bloodwork and urine analysis rules out:
kidney disease

Could be a liver problem. Could be cancer. There are not enough markers

Vet wants to do either X rays or ultra sound of abdoman

Does this group of symptoms ring a bell with anyone?


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I am not sure if this will help but my neighbor's lab was just put on thryoid medication for low thryoid. Symptoms seem about the same. Did you vet mention anything about that? I am not sure if low thryoid levels would cause Baby's symptoms but I know my neighbor said her lab is doing better, more energy, better appetitie & a much better coat since starting on the medicine.

Please let us know how Baby is doing.
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