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I'd asked for some opinions on using this cage:


and decided to get one.

I was a little worried about Puff be willing to use it since she'd balked at entering her old crate after being out of it awhile.

But no problem!

Puff's usual bed beside mine (which she occasionally prefers instead of sleeping next to me) is the large size Purina "Second Nature" potty tray, cleaned out, of course, and with a queen size pillow in the bottom.

The Pet Gear Home 'N Go cage can be opened from the end, sides, & top. It erects in seconds and folds in seconds.

I put Puff's "bed tray" inside the cage and encouraged her to go in. She was hesitant at first but went in with urging.

Since then, she's gone in spontaneously several times. So it looks like it's a success.

The "green" model I bought is larger than I thought it'd be. The next smaller size would probably have worked as well but, since she may be confined to this cage for several hours at a time in a dog unfriendly home, the extra room to move around may help.

Thanks, all.
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