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found this on MSN.com. i guess it's better then getting rid of workers.

What does Chrysler have in common with Las Vegas casinos? There are no clocks on the walls.

Yep, Chrysler has taken down most of the clocks at its headquarters in Michigan in an attempt to pinch as many pennies as possible. Removing the clocks would save $20,000 a year on batteries, the Detroit Free Press reports, and workers wouldn't have to change the time twice a year for daylight saving time.

Does this strike anyone else as utterly ridiculous, considering that Chrysler has promised $30 million in retention bonuses to executives?

The cost-cutting has even made its way to Chrysler's snowplows. The company stopped plowing the top floor of some parking garages and lots, which it says saved $350,000 this winter. I don't know what the weather has been like in Detroit this winter, but unplowed lots could quickly rack up more than $350,000 in damaged cars. But Chrysler wouldn't have to pay the bill for that.

Here are more examples of cost-cutting, according to the Free Press:

--Lightbulbs. Chrysler's offices are a little darker now, since the company has removed half of the 80,000 lightbulbs at its headquarters to save $400,000 a year.

--Christmas. The company spent only $1,000 on Christmas decorations, down from $12,000 in the past.

--Heating. Chrysler turned down the thermostat so that hallways are now at 68 degrees compared to 72 degrees, saving $70,000 a year.

--Artwork. The company is trying to sell 32 pieces of art, which were valued at $2.3 million in 2007.

--Employee food. Hours have been cut back at the main cafeteria, and other dining sites have been shut down.

Of course, there are other factors at play here. Chrysler is in the middle of intense union negotiations, and the "poor me" dance will help. "See what we've had to do? Next we might have to take away the chairs!"

The company is also angling for $3 billion more in government loans (it already accepted $4 billion).

Chrysler and General Motors (GM) have been racing to meet today's deadline to submit plans showing how they will restructure and become healthy again. The companies spent all weekend meeting with union leaders, bondholders and others, and negotiations have come down to the wire.

Hopefully they didn't meet at Chrysler headquarters. Without any clocks, it would be hard to make that deadline.

(By the way, $20,000 a year on clock batteries? How many clocks did Chrysler have, anyway?)

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Actually I think it's the writer who seems a bit cranky today. Chrysler is pulling a "poor me" dance? Uh, I think they're really poor. Pretty sure there's a difference.

Apparently the companies are damned if they do, damned if they don't. If they had the fanciest Christmas decorations in Michigan, somebody would be complaining about that. Probably the same writer.
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