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Getting a 2nd dog

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We've finally decided to get a second dog, likely a rescue. Miranda, our springer spaniel, was put to sleep last summer at age 14, and Corby definitely missed her.

Anyone have any experience with Australian Shepherds? My husband doesn't want a 2nd big dog (Corby is 85 lbs) so we're thinking 30-60 lbs. They seem like a good breed, and we're pretty active with Corby (lots of leashed walks & off-leash activity, especially at our cabin). There are very few springers available for rescue, or Viszlas, both of which I like.

Any other suggestions? I've been checking out (online) Kijiji, Petfinder, and all the local SPCA, Humane Society, and Rescue groups - I'd love another lab or lab-x, or golden, but don't see any that small. I'd prefer 1yr+ but am willing to do the puppy thing again!
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I love Australian Shepherds! They're one of my favorite breeds of dogs, and they are intelligent, loyal, loving companions. I grew up with all kinds of herding dogs, and they have forever stolen a part of my heart - I'll always have a least one with me. :) My Schatzi is a border collie/aussie mix of some sort, and my heart dog Nellie was an aussie/golden mix. An aussie and a lab should complement each other well; Schatzi and Pickles get along great. Unfortunately, many aussies are in rescues and shelters because of their high energy needs, but they are very smart and trainable, and your long walks & off-leash activity sound perfect. Good luck!
I agree with Aimee. One of our dogs' friends is an Aussie. Really intelligent dog. You can teach them anything. Just be ready for the high energy level that requires tons of exercise.
Good friends of ours has an Australian Shepherd mix. He likes to bark. A lot.

But they adore him and he's been a wonderful family pet for the last 14years! He just turned 14 and has slowed down quite a bit, but he still gets spurts of friskiness!! LOL

I love Viszla's. And really want one. Really really- I do!
Thanks for the replies! My nephew has a Viszla, and it is an awesome dog! She's small, and extremely smart and busy! And I adored my springer, she had the sweetest temperment. But I've seen some wonderful Australian Shepherds at the dog park, and it does seem that they'd be a good companion for a lab!

There are many Australian Shepherds available - Check out the last dog http://ontarioaussies.ca/Available Aussies.html Or this one... http://tegeirian.homestead.com/photos.html
My parents have an Aussie. He is very affectionate, actually maybe a bit too affectionate and naggy :)
He's great off leash, but very high energy. He's slightly food aggressive too, we cannot feed ours and him at the same time.
I have an Aussie, mind you he's deaf and blind but he doesn't seem to know it. He's really a people dog and just loves to meet new people and hang out with us. I will tell you this some can be nippy, the herding instinct is hard wired. They like to herd around kids, other dogs etc. a non-conformer can sometimes get a nose poke or a nip. Wonderful dogs though and I would consider getting another some day.
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