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Get 'em boys!!

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I had forgotten I had taken this, but thought I'd share anyways.

This past Saturday I took Rookie, Rider and Drake across the street to romp, retrieve and basically burn some energy off. Well, about an hour later, we walk home and go through the garage to the back door to get to the deck when Rookie charges under the deck (you can walk under the highest part) to the other side barking his fool head off. Rider and Drake follow and I am wondering just what in the hell all of the commotion is as I climb the stairs to the deck.

This is what I see:

Kitty was in my back yard and made it up to the top of the fence in the nick of time.

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They're probably wishing that kitty didn't have such great balance! :laugh:
I bet kitty won't be doing that again anytime soon.
We don't get many cats in our yard, but my 2 have scared plenty of squirrels. Great pics Dani
My kids think kitties are bunnies with long tails...they eat bunnies!
Poor kitty! Though she probably laughed at them afterwards, you know how cats are (I have four, BTW).
:laugh: Good puppies hehe Lazy will chase kitties out of the yard it is too funny she will go full tilt after them and when she gets to her boundary she putts on the breaks :laugh:
Kitty likes to live dangerously. :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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