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Gday from Australia..

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Hi my name is Liz. I am from Newcastle in Australia. I have just discovered your website and wanted to give it a go. I have two labradors. My first baby is Chloe a yellow lab. She is 3 and has been the best friend I have ever had. My second baby is Albert, a gorgeous black male lab. He has been living with us for a week and needs to be adopted due to his owners circumstances. He is 8 and in great health. We love him already. Not totally sure if we can keep him just yet due to teething problems between the dogs:mad: . anyhow we will see how we go. I really want them to get on. :p


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Hi from another Aussie. We're slowly building up our own private army on here. :) I hope you can make it work with the 2 dogs. When my boy died, I adopted my GSD. I had serious doubts as to how a Pug would get along with a GSD but they love each other. Don't give up yet.
Welcome from a fellow NSW member! I'm in Sydney but own a home in Maitland! Hope you enjoy it here :)
Hey liz!!! welcome to the forum.....hi from far off happy Labbing!!!
Hi Liz,

Another Aussie here, in Kiama. Hope you enjoy the forum!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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