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I took Emilu to the college today to work outside with distractions. It was nasty - windy and spitting rain, but she was doing remarkedly well. We were up to working on ROF. She had done one great. Stopped in the middle of one to look at someone who started talking to me, but then finished it up. Next one, she went out to get it, started coming back, then veered off to her right and was obviously "delivering" her dumbbell to someone else! I looked behind me to see who she was going to. On the large walkway was a big red double cab pick-up truck! She was going towards it as if memsmerized. We don't know anyone with a truck like that, so I'm not sure why she was attracted to it. The guy was talking on a cellphone and not looking at her. As she got to it, it drove off. She trotted a few steps down the sidewalk as if saying "but I have the dumbbell!, Come back!" Then she deliverd it to me :p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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