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Fun in the snow...Gutherie style! Too many pictures.

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Loving the white stuff. Gutherie is in heaven and my camera is working overtime! :)

Is it just me or does Guthrie look a bit weasel-like in this pic? He is so long and low he definately does not look "normal".

Slamming on the breaks...his ball is getting ready to cross the invisible fence line.

Don't take your eye....or your paw....off the ball.

I've heard of a cat up a tree but never this....

Happy boy!

Handsome boy!

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Awww Gutherie you're all grown up! Great pictures! :-*
He looks like he is having so much fun what a handsome boy!
I love to see pictures of Guthrie. He is such an athletic boy and such a happy boy too!
Not too many pictures of that handsome, happy boy. ...not enough pictures
I agree, not enough pictures of that handsome boy of yours!!!!! :D

Smooches to Gutherie!!!! He looks fantastic!
Awesome pictures!

Got a good :laugh: out of the one where the ball is crossing the IF boundary. It amazes me that they can be doing mach 5 & come to screetching halt regardless of what they are chasing when they get near the boundary. Lexi does this when she is chasing bunnies.
Wow! What fun!!! He sure is a great looking dog and looks like such a fun dog!!!! :D
Great pictures, he is very handsome.
Looks like Guthrie had alot of fun. :happy:
Great pics and he was having a grand old time.
What a handsome boy! :D I love seeing dogs playing in the snow. It seems to energize them.
Awwww, great pictures!!!!!!
LOL those are great pictures.. His facial expressions CRACK me up! :laugh:
Great pictures! I love "Slamming on the Breaks". Whenever Bauer chases a frisbee or ball near the "invisible line" he keeps one eye on the toy and one eye on the line. It always cracks me up. I also love your "Happy boy" picture, it is absolutely beautiful.
Guthrie sure looks as though he is having fun. Beautiful photos of a beautiful boy. :happy: :happy: :happy:
Thanks for the compliments on my baby boy! :)

It is amazing how they learn the IF line and obey it. I have to admit that Guthrie is lucky...he has a visual barrier(a burning bush hedge) right were the IF line is.
Great action shots!! I love the Happy Boy one!
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