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Forecast 6-10 inches of snow late tonight...NOOOOOOO!

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C'mon...the ground is finally bare. I hope the weatherman is wrong. I AM OVER WINTER..makes me want to just crawl right back under the covers.
Wake me up when it is 68 degrees and sunny...and light until after 8 pm.
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Hah...just when you think you are home and dry, the snow/rain/crappy weather hits you again. What is with this crazy weather. One day its freezing, the next day its hot...roll on the summer!!
I hope we don't get any snow!! We had thnderstorms this morning but the temps will drop and we're supposed to get "flurries."
Tell me about it. I really do not want this storm. And it's already snowing here in Manchester. NOOOOO!!!!!

And remember, I'm a person that LOVES snow.
Make room mollyrock, I'm moving in! :) , We didn't get nearly enough snow this winter to satisfy me. I'm one of those who would be perfectly happy with snow up to my armpits all winter.
Holy crap - are you serious, Molly??!?!?! I'd be crying right with you, if that were here. Sorry :(

Got some firewood ready? A good book? Bottle of wine?
Ugh! We haven't had much snow at all this year, our ground has been bare for weeks, but its still COOOOLD out! Where the heck is spring???
Oh I know it was 75 here yesterday, today its 56 and rainy then tommorow and Friday snow :mad: Ugh!
NOT GOOD...it was 82 yesterday and today the high is in the 40s ::) freeze warning tonight :mad:
snow here too =(
MidwestGirl said:
NOT GOOD...it was 82 yesterday and today the high is in the 40s ::) freeze warning tonight :mad:
Yep! That's Tulsa this week, too.
This came yesterday - We really needed this back in December, January

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Oh I hear you!! We also had bare ground here I even took Bruce swimming last Friday it was a blast. Over the weekend we probably got 6-8" of snow and it's still here. I just want it to melt and be spring.
You're kidding! It's pretty cold here too, but omigosh, snow?!?!? I remember, back in the day, when we used to have Spring...it used to be my second favorite season of the four that we used to have. Ah well.
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