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Weight loss after hypnotised into gastric banding

A BRITISH woman lost 25kg in weight after being hypnotised into thinking she had a gastric band fitted.

Marion Cornes, 35, told UK newspaper The Sun she believed her stomach had been shrunk to the size of a golf ball after paying £780 ($1580) for five sessions with a specialist hypnotherapist.

Ms Cornes applied for the procedure after her weight ballooned to 98kg.

She was hypnotised and talked through every step of the procedure as if she were in a real operating theatre.

She was asked to handle a model of a stomach and gastric band, while the smells and sounds of an operating theatre were introduced into her room.

"Bizarrely, I can remember every part of the 'procedure' - including being wheeled into theatre, the clink of the surgeon’s knife and even the smell of the anaesthetic."

In the four months following the treatment Marion saw her weight drop to 73kg and her dress size from a 22 to 14.

After the fifth hypnosis session, Ms Cornes began to feel a tightening sensation in her stomach. "I simply cannot eat large portions of food any more,” she said.
“If I try and eat a large portion I feel a pulling sensation in my tummy as if my stomach is stretching.
"I did manage to force down a KFC burger once but I felt really sick, as if it was stuck in my throat, and I had to lie down for three hours afterwards."

Read the full story at The Sun


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I'd rather hypnotize the rest of the world at large and leave me alone.

You are all getting sleeeeepy.... You all now look at dweck and see this....

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