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For So. California - need some info on Events

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If I wanted to enter a Rally trial how do you know what includes rally. This is probably a really stupid question. I went to the SCDOC calendar of events and I really couldn't tell if they were having rally or not. There is the So. Calif. Lab event at the end of April, but I think that one would be a litte daunting for my first outing. So I was looking for something a little less intimidating that was around the early May timeframe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Never mind - I figured out if I went to the AKC site it was easier to find a Rally Event. Quite a few in the summer that aren't too far away. I think I'm going to talk to the trainer I'm using right now and get her input just so I feel a little more confident and then I'll sign up for one. If I sign up I'm more likely to focus on training better.
There are a few shows coming up that are breed only or group only shows if on the event search page you click on the button that says rally-obed-agility then it will show the shows and breeds allowed. Hopefully i will see you at whatever show you enter in as I am getting ready to enter rally excellent. Also A really hugr show to go to even if you don't enter is the mission circut. it is held over 4 days at the pomona fairgrounds. It is held I believe at the begining of june or may and is a great show to goto even if you only watch because they have rally agility obedience and huge confirmation.

Kelly and Amber
You might want to look for some local matches to test the waters first before plunking down $25/day to show. ;)
Thanks for the info. The club I'm taking lessons from has a show-n-go?? monthly. Thought I'd see if I can attend that as a start. I just found out that the director of the club is in my Monday night class so I may ask her if I can attend and also to see if they have any matches.
I think you should give it a try at the LRCSC's specialty! The place is small, the event is pretty small, it's easy to get around...which might make it less daunting. I hate going to shows at big places because then I have to worry about finding the right place...

The specialty at Featherly is a great place to go! And keep in mind that they'll have a match in October too.
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