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About 3 or 4 years ago when Reba was having bunches of problems, I tried lots of things. Finally things fell in place and I have been feeding NB Venison and Rice until the recall last week. Then I did some home cooking for a couple of days and started Nature Valley Prairie Chicken and Rice a week ago. My JRT does not like it -- too hard I think. She actually chews her food while Reba does not. Now Reba's ears are in a terrible state and both dogs are licking their feet. Have I been trying the new long enough to give it a chance? Not sure what to try next. Really want to stay away from wheat, corn, soy, and maybe even rice. Anyone using Merrick's Beef and Barley? The Turducken?

About the only thing I remember from years ago is that Wellness Whitefish and Sweet potato really set off an ear problem. Could the problem be fish? This Prairie has Menhaden fish oil or some such thing. And another one that was Lamb and rice was not good.

I would just like to scream....... :p
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