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Whoohoo! Yipee!!! It was our second appointment of the week. At the first one, the incision hadn't quite closed all the way so had another bandage put on for a few more days. The vet also credited us for the last surgery that had to be done while Fitz was in their care--very understanding and accomodating. The incision was completely closed today!! FINALLY!! He still has to wear a Muttluk on that paw if we're outside or go for a walk or if he's licking too much. So we're just about back to normal! He was due for his vaccine updates today too--poor guy has had kind of a rough day. But tomorrow we'll get to go for a loooooong walk again. It's been about 6 weeks since we've been out all together. Clarence probably won't like that the Little One is back walking with us, but I'll be happy to have a tired pup again. :)
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