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First Aid Class

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Just wanted to let anyone in the Louisville, KY area know that Three Dog Bakery is sponsoring a pet first aid class Saturday April 28th. I think the price is 75.00 and includes a first aid kit.
I'm not sure of the time. I called today but the employee that answered the phone didn't know. The owner/manager is supposed to call me.
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This book (below) would be an excellent companion for such a class:

Bruce Fogle, "First Aid for Dogs: What to Do When Emergencies Happen" 1995. 200+pp. $10 (US) from Amazon. Extremely useful -- many decision trees of symptoms to check and conditions that are ruled out or in, what to do temporarily, the urgency of vet care (now!; within 24 hrs; if symptoms worsen), very clear illustrations. (You can easily write into the margins other alternatives you learn in your class.)

It'd be hard for me to imagine a more useful guide for canine first aid. I value it so much I keep one copy at home, another in the Cabela's "Safari" vest I wear every morning on our hour offleash walk in the nature preserve, and a third copy in the car, just in case.

Unfortunately, this book may now be out of print. If so, you can easily pick up a used copy in good condition (as low as $3 + S&H) from Amazon's list of alterrnate suppliers -- the S&H adds a few bucks more..
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That's a great deal... I would attend one like that.

And Bob PR's book is awesome. I got a used copy in excellent condition..just the cover was a bit worn. Invaluable.
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