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Lori - thanks so much for rushing them to us! They made it here in time for the St Paddy's Day parade and everyone loved them.

Bella was too tired to get up and model it properly.

Jake was protesting too, at first

But then decided to ham it up when I asked him to "paws up" and "look" at the banana. I didn't snap the pic in time and missed his focus on the banana.

And now that Sara is an official member of the family, well, we had to get her a nice new collar.

The rest are just typical Thursday night with the Bunch photos.
Leah - one of my all time favorite foster dogs.

Some of the group helping Daddy pay bills

Lindsay and a very dirty wall

Wow - I just noticed that Abbie isn't in any of these photos...I wonder where she was during all of this?
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