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Our area of Kansas has had about 20"/50 cm of snow in December, the most in recorded history for the month, and much of it (10-12"/25-30 cm) has been since Xmas eve.

Puff and I haven't been able to get back to the lot where we park to go through the nature preserve because the lot hasn't been plowed and massive windrows of snow from the plows block the entrance. And there's no other place to park -- side streets across the boulevard the parking lot is entered from are still choked with so much snow that the chance of getting stuck is 50/50.

Puff, bless her heart, has been getting increasingly antsy without her usual daily dose of exercise -- 'on the computer again? Let's DO something!!' We've been walking up and down the street in front of the house, me throwing her training dummies, her retrieving, but it hasn't been a fulfilling substitute.

So I called the park office this morning and complained on my behalf and that of other XC skiers and walkers who like to use those trails.

They told me to try an entrance to the nature preserve at the far end of the area in which we usually walk -- so we did this afternoon. It hadn't been plowed either but at least it didn't have the snow windrows blocking entrance so we found a place to (kind of) safely park. I put on my Rossignols and skied about 1/2 mile/.8 km with Puff and then returned.

The OEM light fluffy snow has now shrunk and developed a slight crust. My skis partially cracked the surface but Puff's feet went through, down about 6-8"/15-20 cm to solid ground below.

Puff loved the outing and has been far more docile and resting since we've returned. I would have liked to ski more but there's a dance tonight and I want to save some energy for jitterbugging with Millie. :D

When Puff & I drove home, we went the long way, past the entrance to the usual parking lots we use for our walks (& skiing). It's a big mother -- 2 Siamese twin lots, side by side, each the size of 2 football fields. (Large enough to hold the cars for the players and fans of 4 softball fields, 6+ soccer fields, 18 tennis courts when many events take place simultaneously.)

Plows were at work, the entrances were opened and the parking lots were nearly finished being cleared.

It's nice to have such a responsive parks & rec dept (they are truly the best!), and it'll be great to get back to our usual route these coming mornings!

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