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Taken from Facebook
"Facebook status' are by far one of the worst ideas ever. It gives the most annoying people on your friend/frenemies list the oppurtunity to force information that you could care less about into your eyes when you sign in. Therefore, as a common courtesy, our society should learn what is acceptable to post as a status. It'll help those of us on FB with anger issues to not want to type hate messages on the walls of the status update offenders.


1. If you are typing your status and it includes more than one of the activites you are doing during the day, this is no longer a status, it is an itinerary. So don't do it! Mystery is a good thing sometimes. You need to regroup your thoughts and think to yourself the following:
-Am I that important?
-Who will actually care if i'm going to work then shopping, then school, then dinner, then drinks, then the movies, then bed, then waking up?

2. If the frequency at which you update your status is more than once a day, then you need to think about where your life is heading. Maybe you had a childhood that lacked attention and you feel facebook is where you can recieve it. If before you do anything, your fingers feel the need to type what it is your doing or thinking, you need to grow up, then refer back to rule 1 and ask yourself, who cares??

3. Repeatedly typing the same phrase in your status about how grand things are and letting people know how awesome you are is rude to those of us who may not be as awesome you are. Maybe these repeat messages being forced into our news feed is making us lose our confidence, and question who we really are.

4. If you purchase a significantly high priced item, we don't want to learn about it via your status update. Keep your iphone, car, blackberry, designer item purchases to yourself. Bragging of any degree on your facebook status is sooo desperate.

5. The grades you recieved. What's even worse is as each grade is being posted to your college login page, a status being updated to notify play by play what grades you are recieving.

Now here's a list of what is acceptable:
1. Making fun of people who violate these rules, by jokingly typing something they would put as a status as your own status.
2. Cool quotes
3. The occasional update of what your thinking, feeling, doing, meaning like two or three times a week... max. The cooler a person you are the more updates you can post.
4. Something so incredibly awesome that happened to you that your entire facebook peers need to know.
5. Something funny.
6. A status seeking opinions and help from fellow facebookers.
7. Any piece of info that will better the people on your friend list, or educate them."
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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