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Hello! We're looking at our first ever lab, a chocolate girl around 4 months old from a local breeder. A trainer helping me pick a puppy raised concerns over her health after seeing pictures, saying it looks like she may be disposed to allergies due to balding around the eyes and also she had some eye goop on the inside corners of both eyes when we saw her. I'll try to attach pictures. I have no frame of reference as to what is acceptable or normal in lab puppies, especially chocolates, should I be concerned?

Thank you so much, it's worth noting, I am positive some of this is light fur rimming her eyes, I thought it was a strange look when I first saw her, is this common in chocolate puppies and do they grow out of it? I've never seen an adult with the light "eyeliner" before. It doesn't really bother me as long as her health is ok! Thank you so much.
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